Term and conditions

Royal Enfield Warranty terms and conditions

1. The sales invoice will be raised in the booking name only.
2. The booking name provided should be same as in the residential proof provided for registration.
3. For registration, 2 photos, address proof(voter id, ration card, citizen proof, passport, marks card, birth certificate, lic policy) is required.
4. Price ruling at the time of delivery will be applicable.
5. Payment should be made in favor of “teknik motors” by cheques/dd/cash.
6. Vehicle would be delivered after realisation of cheque/dd/full payment, bankers payment and registration.
7. In case of cancellation, refund is done by a/c cheque only.
8. For credit/debit card payment, service charges applicable.
9. For finance assisted customers, only after confirmation of receipt of the payment from the financing partner, registration will be done.
10. All specifications, colour and features are subject to change without prior notice.

Royal Enfield motor cycles are manufactured following best quality practices in respect of the material and workmanship.

Royal Enfield (RE) Warrants their motor cycle to be free from manufacturing defects and material defects under normal use subject to following conditions.

  1. RE will replace or repair part/parts at their Dealers, Authorized service point, free of charge within a period of 12 months from the date of sale (date of installation ) or 10,000 Kms whichever occurs earlier.
  2. The warranty is applicable only to the first registered owner.
  3. The warranty shall be applicable only if all the free services are availed at the respective period / Kilometer range as per the schedule given in the owner’s manual from RE Dealers / authorized service points.
  4. During the warranty period, RE’s obligations shall be limited to repairing/ replacing free of charge such part or parts of the vehicle, which on examination to have manufacturing defect. Such defective part/parts which have been replaced become property of RE.
  5. Cost of all, oil filter, fuel and other consumables are chargeable to the customer.
  6. Claims on proprietary items like tyres, tubes, spark plug, battery etc. should be taken up with respective manufacturer or their authorized agents in the area directly by customer.   RE shall be liable in any manner to replace them though their Dealers will provide assistance in preferring such claims on their manufacturer.
  7. Warranty shall not apply to:

      1. Normal ageing, detoriation or rusting of plated parts paints coat, rubber parts, soft items, glass items, plastic parts etc.
      2. Components like fuel filter, oil filter element, control cables, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, which are subjected to normal wear and tear.
      3. Damages due to use of lubricant/oil/grease etc. other than specified by RE.
      4. Damages due to use of non-genuine parts.
      5. Damages due to lack of proper maintenance of the vehicle.
      6. Damages due to incorrect driving or riding habits.
      7. Parts damaged due to accidents, collision, abuse etc.
      8. Irregularities not recognized as affecting the quality or function of the vehicle such as slight vibration, oil leakage, blue discoloration of exhaust bent pipe/ silencer, soft/ hard shock absorber etc.
      9.  Defects arising from fitment of unauthorized/ additional Electrical loads.
      10. Vehicle serviced/ repaired of unauthorized service points.
      11. Vehicle used for competition/ racing.
      12. Electrical component likes bulbs, fuses etc.
      13. Normal maintenance operations like adjustment of brakes, cleaning fuel system, engine tune up and other such adjustments.
  1. RE reserves the right to finally decide on all warranty claims.
  2. RE reserves the right to make changes in Design of the vehicle without any obligation to install these changes on previously supplied vehicles.

Emission Warranty

In compliance with the provisions of Rule 115(2) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, Royal Enfield certifies that the following warranty is applicable to those components liable to affect that emission of the gaseous pollutants in its range of motorcycles, in normal use to which it may be subjected to.

This emission warranty comes into force from 01st July 2001 and is valid for a period of 30,000Kms. Or 36 months, whichever occurs earlier, from the date of sale to the first customer and is in addition to the parallel to the warranty policy, conditions and obligations laid down in the Owner’s Manual.

Royal Enfield further warranty that if an examination by its authorized service center, the motorcycle fail to meet the specified emission standards, then the authorized service center shall take necessary corrective measures and shall at its sole discretion, repair or replace free of charge such components of the emission control system to meet the required emission standards.

The method/s of examination to determine the warranty conditions of the emission warranty related components will be at the sole discretion of Royal Enfield and / or our authorized service centers and results of such examination will be final and binding.  If an examination the warranty conditions of the part/s is/are not established, Royal Enfield will have the right to charge all, or part of the cost of such examination to the customer in addition to the cost of the components.

In case of acceptance of the components/s under Emission warranty, Royal Enfield will replace free of charge, the components/s as required.  However, the consumables like fuel, lubricants, solvents, etc. shall be chargeable to the customer as per actuals.

In case any of the components covered under emission warranty or the associated parts, are not independently replaceable, Royal Enfield will have the sole discretion to replace either the entire assemble or parts of the assembly, through suitable repairs.

Royal Enfield reserves the right to carry out necessary consequential repairs to the motorcycle or replace any part, in addition to the repair or replacement of the components covered under emission warranty, to establish compliance to in-use emission standards.  Such repairs/ replacements will be chargeable to the customer.

All parts removed for replacement under warranty will become the property of Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield will not be responsible for the cost of transportation of the motorcycle to the nearest authorized service center OR for any loss due to non-availability of the motorcycle during the period of examination and repairs by Royal Enfield and/ or their Authorized Service centres.

Royal Enfield will not be responsible for any penalties that may be charged by statuatory authorities on account of failure to comply with the in-use emission standards.

Emission warranty will be applicable irrespective of the change of ownership of the vehicle provided all the conditions as laid down in the documents are met from the date of original sale of the motorcycle.

The warranty shall apply if the customer:

  1. Observes all the important instructions and any other precautions listed in the owner’s manual.
  2. Under all circumstances uses lubricants and fuel as recommended by the Royal Enfield.
  3. Regularly obtains and carries out maintenance in accordance with the Royal Enfield guidelines and enters the details in the Log book.
  4. Immediately approaches the nearest authorized service point upon discovery of failure to the comply with the IN-USE emission standards inspite of having maintained and used the vehicle in accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual and having carried out such repairs and adjustments as may be required with a view to establish such compliance.
  5. Produces the ‘Pollution Under Control’ certificate valid for the period immediately preceding the test during which the failure is discovered, the test having been carried out either for obtaining a new certificate or pursuant upon being directed by an officer as referred to in sub rule (2) of rule 116 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules.
  6. Produces the owner’s manual and Log book for verification details.
  7. Produces receipts covering maintenance of the motorcycle is specified in the owner’s manual from the date of original purchase of the vehicle.
  8. Produces valid certificate of Insurance and RTO registration certificate.

The Emission warranty shall not apply IF:

  1. A valid “Pollution under Control” certificate is not produced.
  2. The motorcycle is not serviced by authorized service points as per the service schedule described in the maintenance chart.
  3. The motorcycle has been subjected to abnormal use, abuse, neglect and improper maintenance or has met with an accident.
  4. Replacement parts not specified and approved by Royal Enfield have been used.
  5. The motorcycle, or parts thereof, has been altered, tampered with or modified or replaced in an unauthorized manner.
  6. The odometer is not functioning or the odometer and/ or its reading has been changed/ tampered with, so that the actual distance covered cannot be readily determined.
  7. The motorcycle has been used for competitions, races, and rallies or for the purpose of establishing records.
  8. On examination by Royal Enfield or its authorized service points, if the motorcycle shows that any of the conditions stipulated in the Owner’s manual with regard to use and  maintenance have been violated.
  9. The motorcycle has been run on adulterated/ leaded fuel or lubricant other than those specified by Royal Enfield in the Owner’s manual or any other document given to the customer at the time of sale of the motorcycle.
  10. The mission related components are tampered with.
  11. All service and parts related bills and vouchers incurred during the tenure of the emission warranty is not produced.
  12. All maintenance activities carried out on the vehicle during the tenure of the emission warranty is not entered in the log book.

Tips to be on the right side of Law:

  1. Always get your vehicle checked to meet the emission regulations through and authorized emission checking center.
  2. Always carry a valid ‘Pollution Under Control’ certificate with you at all times during the validity of the emission warranty (30,000 Kms / 3 years from the date of first sale)

Tips to reduce pollution:

  1. Ensure that the periodical maintenance is carried out as stipulated in the owner’s manual through a Royal Enfield authorized service center.
  2. Use only Unleaded fuel (<87 octane petrol) from reputed fuel pumps.
  3. Ensure the fuel used is not adulterated.
  4. Use correct spark plug as recommended in the owner’s manual.
  5. Use lubricant as per recommendations given on grade/ brand in the owner’s manual.


The Royal Enfield Twinspark, as you would be experiencing, is capable of consistent high speeds.  However as with any new motorcycle, a “running-in” is essential during the first 2000 kms. To achieve optimum performance subsequently.

The following tips will help in proper bedding in of a new motorcycle.

  1. During the first 2000 Kms. Of run, do not exceed the following speed limits.
  2. Do not exceed maximum pay load as specified.
  3. Warm up the engine for a few minutes to allow oil for all engine parts before riding the bike.
  4. Do not ride in constant throttle for long distances.  Vary the speed by 10%.
  5. Avoid sudden revving and racing starts.
Gear/Vehicle Speed First 500 kms. 501 – 2000 kms.
1 15 KMPH 20 KMPH
2 25 KMPH 30 KMPH
3 30 KMPH 40 KMPH
4 45 KMPH 55 KMPH
5 60 KMPH 70 KMPH


  1. Wash vehicle when the engine is cold.
  2. Cover the silencer, tail pipe, carburetor and control switches with suitable plastic bags and tie it firmly to prevent water entry to them.
  3. Remove ignition key and seal key hole using adhesive tape.
  4. Brush engine area with kerosene/ diesel to remove the dirt and grease.
  5. Use low pressure jet of water to clean the vehicle or engine.
  6. Never spray water with great force on head lamp, speedometer, flasher lights, front and rear wheel hubs, electrical connections and wires, control cables, carburetor, sparkplug, battery etc.
  7. Do not apply kerosene or diesel on painted parts or rubber parts.
  8. Use luke warm water and mild detergent on the painted components to remove dirt, etc.
  9. Rinse vehicle thoroughly with plain water to remove the detergent and wipe vehicle dry.
  10. If possible, use compressed air and blow off water particles from the obscure areas of the vehicle, electrical connections, etc.

After Washing:

  1. Ensure, the vehicle is thoroughly dry by wiping with a clean soft absorbent cloth or chamois leather.
  2. Remove all plastic bags and adhesive tapes.
  3. Lubricate control cables, pivot and rear chain with lube oil.
  4. Polish the painted and plated surfaces using polishing wax.
  5. Start engine and allow to run at idling speed for a few minutes to warm up engine.
  6. Drive the motorcycle slowly, applying both brakes intermittently to dry up the brake shoes.
  7. Test brakes for full efficiency.

Storage Precautions
Incase your Motorcycle is not going to be used for a month, we advice the following precautions to be taken.

  1. Carryout required repair/ adjustments on the motorcycle.
  2. Wash the motorcycle thoroughly and lubricate as per the maintenance chart.
  3. Drain fuel tank, fuel line and carburetor.
  4. Keep the fuel tap in closed position and spray motor oil inside the fuel tank to prevent rusting.
  5. Remove spark plug.  Pour in about 50ml of clean engine oil through spark plug hole.  Close the hole and crank engine several times and refit sparkplug.
  6. Clean rear chain thoroughly and apply a thin film of lub oil.
  7. Remove battery from the bike.  Clean the terminals free of corrosion.
  8. Maintain electrolyte level between max, or min. mark, by adding distilled water and wipe the battery dry.
  9. Store the battery in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.
  10. Do not place the battery in direct sunlight, near open flame or where temperature is above 40 C or below 0 C.
  11. Cover the silencer with plastic bags to prevent moisture entry.  Set the motorcycle on its center stand.
  12. Apply a tin film of oil on the engine barrel fins, cylinder head fins and other painted parts.
  13. Apply anti-rust solutions on all plated parts.  Take care not to apply this solution on rubber or painted parts.
  14. Store motorcycle in a clean covered area free of moisture and keep it covered to prevent dust settling on it.

Preparing the motorcycle for reuse.

  1. Remove the anti-rust solution from all plated parts and clean the motorcycle well.
  2. Inflate the tyres to the correct tyre pressure.
  3. Ensure battery is fully charged and proper electrolyte level is maintained.
  4. Connect the battery.
  5. Lubricate all control cables and pivots.
  6. Check proper level of oil in engine.
  7. Clean and remove the motor oil from tank and fill tank with fresh petrol.
  8. Clean carburetor and air filter.
  9. Remove plastic covering from the silencer.

Checks prior to the commencement of long journey

  1. Service the motorcycle thoroughly a Royal Enfield authorized service point as per periodical maintenance chart.
  2. Sufficient quantity of petrol in the fuel tank for the journey planned.
  3. Correct tyre pressure.

Checks after every 1500 kms. Of run

  1.  Tightness of all fasteners.
  2. Tyre tread condition and wear of tyres.
  3. Battery condition and electrolyte level.
  4. Correct level of oil in engine, front fork and break.
  5. Working of all lights and horn.
  6. Proper chain tension.
  7. Tool kit.
  8. First aid kit.
  9. Bulbs for headlight, trafficator light, rear tail lamp and fuse (15 Amps & 10 Amps).
  10. Accelerator, clutch, front brake.
  11. Rear chain link lock assembly.
  12. Spare tube, tyre puncture repair kit – cold vulcanizing type.
  13. Foot operated air pump.
  14. Insulation tape.
  15. Spark plug, spark plug cap, fuel hose.